Supplier Name: Tropical Lisbon Boat Party
Location: : Docas Do Espanhol, Gate Number 3, Alc?ntara
Address: Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, 1350-355 Lisboa
Google Maps:

We advise you to arrange a taxi to the ?Docks Nightclub or Bolero Club”
With the Docks Nightclub behind you walk towards the river. The map above provides the exact location. Please wait at the
gate and the crew will come to greet you. The gate number is 3.
The Tropical Boat Party Team will meet you at the gate, please provide your name on arrival.

Drinks are available to purchase on board from 1 euro per drink.

Please note this is a CASH BAR ONLY


3pm cruise please bring a towel, swimwear and sunblock.
7pm we recommend comfortable clothes, a light jacket might be required if there is a slight wind. 

Link to short video showing location here

The map provides the exact location. Please wait at the gate and the crew will come to greet you, if you have any issues please call the number above.

Do not go to the docks with the long strip of restaurants as this is incorrect. The correct docks are behind the Docks nightclub and Bolero Club.

The supplier has your safety as a first concern.

Please note that there will be a photographer on the boat and images will be used on social media, please do not have your picture taken if you are not happy with this.

Please take in consideration that:
1. The supplier can not be held responsible for the actions of passengers that might result in personal or third party injury on
board as a result of inappropriate behavior or disrespect for the skipper’s instructions.
2. The supplies reserves the right to cancel the services if any passenger refuses to follow the skipper’s instructions or in
case of inappropriate behavior that might put himself or other passengers at risk.
3. Clients shall inform previous to the beginning of the services if they are not able to swim and their capability to board as a
passenger on a sailing or motor yacht. In case you are not able to swim you should wear a life vest from departure until
arrival at the dock.
4. No drugs, if you are found to have drugs the trip will be cancelled and you will immediately be returned to the marina.